Holidays and Holydays for Spirit Play – Complete Set Fall, Winter, and Spring Units


This is the complete Holidays and Holydays stories written in Spirit Play format. Contains all card materials and extension materials including art extensions, feast ideas, and display pages.  Only a few objects needed for some stories.  This contains the fall, winter, and spring stories.

“You have captured the heart of the curriculum, enhanced it with great pictures, and given fail-proof instructions. I am just delighted that you have made the contents of the curriculum available in this new way, and extended its outreach.  What a tremendous lot of work and research and resources you have put into this project. I am deeply appreciative that you have made my ideas and writing come to life in this new form you created.”

–Charlene Brotman, Holidays and Holydays author



Edited by Rev. Dr. Nita Penfold

Fall Units
1. First Day and Orientation (includes Sources Lesson)
2. Rosh Hashana (Jewish Heritage)
3. Sukkot (Jewish Heritage)
4. John Murray Day (Unitarian Universalist Hero)
5. St. Francis Day (Christian Heritage)
6. UU Pilgrimage (Unitarian Universalist Heroes) Introduction to UU Pilgrimage: The Emperor and the Trinity
7. UU PilgrimageMichael Servetus
8. UU PilgrimageFrancis David
9. UU PilgrimageGeorge de Benneville
10. UU PilgrimageJoseph Priestley
11. Maulid al-Nabi (World Religions Source: Islam)
12. Ramadan (World Religions Source: Islam)
13. United Nations/Unicef (Humanist Source)
14. Dusshera (World Religions Source: Hinduism)
15. Divali (World Religions Source: Hinduism)
16. Wampanoag Thanksgiving (Earth-Centered Source)

Winter Units
1. Hanukkah (Jewish Heritage)
2. St. Lucia’s Day (Earth-Centered Source and Christian Heritage)
3. Posadas (Christian Heritage)
4. Our New Year (Western Heritage)
5. Huichol Indian Day (Earth-Centered Source)
6. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Day (Heroes and Heroines)
7. Chinese New Year (Eastern Source)
8. Chinese Dragon Celebration (Eastern Source)
9. Powamu (Earth-Centered Source)
10. Susan B. Anthony Day (Unitarian Heroine)
11. Mardi GrasAsh Wednesday (Christian Heritage)

Spring Units
1. St. Patrick’s Day: March 17 (Christian Heritage)
2. No Ruz Iranian New Year (World Religions: Islam)
3. Passover (Jewish Heritage)
4. Buddha’s Birthday (World Religions: Buddhism)
5. Henry Bergh Day (Unitarian Hero)
6. Easter 2nd to 4th Grades Meet Jesus (includes Choosing the Face of Jesus Extension Lesson) (Christian Heritage)
7. Easter 5th Grade and Up (includes Choosing the Face of Jesus Extension Lesson) (Christian Heritage)
8. Earth Day (Earth-Centered Source)
9. Japanese Children’s Day(Eastern Source)
10. Julia Ward Howe Mother’s Peace Day (Unitarian Heroine)
11. UU Day (Unitarian Universalist Heroes and Heroines)

Funded in Part by the Fund for Unitarian Universalism