Promise Stories for Older Children


If you’re using Spirit Play with older children or adults, this is a group of promise stories written just for them. This includes 14 stories plus a Promises General Lesson for Older children. Written by Connie Dunn, edited by Dr. Nita Penfold



Promises General Lesson (adapted to introduce Adult Version of Principles) with cards

Promise Stories for 5th and 6th Grades
1st Principle, Red Promise: Adin Ballou‘s Utopia
2nd Principle, Orange Promise: Margaret Barr Unitarian Missionary
3rd Principle, Yellow Promise: The Legacy of Sophia Lyon Fahs
4th Principle, Green Promise: William Ellery Channing’s Growth
5th Principle, Blue Promise: Katrina’s Katrina Experience
6th Principle, Indigo Promise: Frances Harper: Justice Passion and Commitment
7th Principle, Violet Promise: Charles Darwin and Evolution

Promise Stories for 7th and 8th Grades
1st Principle, Red Promise: Olympia Brown’s Pioneering Spirit
2nd Principle, Orange Promise: Margaret Fuller
3rd Principle, Yellow Promise: Henry David Thoreau
4th Principle, Green Promise: Reverend William Sinkford’s Language of Reverence
5th Principle, Blue Promise: Christopher Reeve, The Real Superman
6th Principle, Indigo Promise: Caroline Veatch Left a Legacy
7th Principle, Violet Promise: Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nature

Unitarian Universalist Principles Game