Spirit Play Introductory Curriculum


This is the basic curriculum for those who have not taken the Spirit Play Training. It contains the following:

  • Spirit Play introductory lessons
  • A Unitarian Universalist adaptation of Godly Play
  • Basic Spirit Play information and background; 25 Lessons and Stories as Word doc files, most with photographs as jpeg files
  • Multicultural figures file


Overview Documents
Spirit Play Overview
Introductory Notes
What Makes it Spirit Play

Philosophy and Administration Files
Background Materials
Bibliography and Resources
Christian Source Stories List
Doorkeeper Role
Ideas for a Spirit Play Start-Up and Extensions
Gandhi Peace Prayer
Love Surrounds Me Song Lyrics
New Books Recommended for Spirit Play
Spirit Play Order of Lessons
Art Materials to Accompany Spirit Play
Sample Shelf Maps
Orientation to the Spirit Play Classroom
Sample Guidelines for Spirit Play Feast Providers
Original List of Stories Used
Spirit Play Resource List
Spirit Play Training Costs
Storyteller Role
Spirit Play Visitor Guidelines

Unitarian Universalist Liturgical Lessons
Water Ceremony
Lesson on Naming Ceremony
Church Corner Introduction and Bread Communion
The Church Corner
Lesson on the Finger Labyrinth (Ways to Pray)

Unitarian Universalist Focus Lessons
Flaming Chalice Lesson with first extension
Flaming Chalice Lesson with Earth and Universe Extensions
Promises Control Card
Promises General Lesson
Sources General Lesson and Symbols
UU Principles Game Versions
Belinda’s Bouquet Red Promise Story (Used with Permission)

Unitarian Figures and History
Heroes and Heroines: Francis David
Heroes and Heroines: John Murray Coming to America
Heroes and Heroines: Jan Hus and the Flaming Chalice
Norbert Capek/Flower Communion
First Parish in Milton: Story of How the Church Got Its Chalice (example of church history lesson)

Sources Stories
The Great Mystery of Creation
The Buddha and the Mustard Seed Medicine (Buddhist)
The Loyal Dog and the Loyal King (Hindu)
Parable: The Torch and the Pitcher (Sufi)
The Wise People and the Elephant (Buddhist)
The Stone in the Temple (Islam) (Used with Permission)
Meet Jesus Easter Story (Christian) (Used with Permission)
The Tiger and the Lame Fox